Electric Shock Mosquito Killer Lamp 2 IN 1


  • Material: ABS
  • Power: Built-in 18650 rechargeable battery
  • UV wavelength: 360-400NM
  • Light mode: strong light / low light / Purple light
  • Lamp beads: 3x1w COB+3XUV 395 LED
  • Charge: USB 5V 1A
  • Watt: 3W
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Lumens: 90 lm
  • Run time: COB light:3 hours  Mosquito Killer:12 hours
  • Net weight: 330.2g

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Mosquito Zapper light

  1. Multi-function 2 in 1, combined with mosquito killing and LED lighting.
  2.  There are two light modes, the light is soft and does not hurt the eyes.
  3.  High efficiency and low energy consumption.
  4. Safe and healthy for humans, no chemicals, no smoke, no odor
  5.  No pesticide, non-toxic, harmless to people and pets.
  6.  UV wavelength 360-400nm, designed to attract insects.
  7.  Equipped with hooks, lampshades and plastic cages for safety and convenience.
  8.  Super quiet, will not disturb your sleep.
  9.  Small size, easy to carry, no space.
  10.  Suitable for indoor, outdoor, family, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, garden, camping, tent, field.
  11.  Material: ABS ( Acrylonitrile  Butadiene Styrene is a thermoplastic polymer, a highly versatile type of plastic)


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