Mosquito Killing Lamp Indoor



  • Product: Mosquito-killing Lamp
  • Applicable Area: 20-50 square meters
  • Pest type: Ants, Bats, Bed Bugs, Bees, Beetles, Centipedes, Cockroaches, Crickets
  • Time Used: 10 Hours
  • Power: 5W
  • Power Supply: USB Line
  • Power Supply Mode: Computer, power bank, adapter, etc.

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Zapper Lamp

Entrapment light source technology, strong electric shock, high mosquito killing rate, longer life
Pregnant women, children can be used, harmless to the human body, and protect the safety of their families
Long battery life, support outdoor camping.
360°no dead angle pest control, can be used in large spaces. Keep away from mosquitoes. Bring us a quiet and comfortable night.
Lightweight and light, it can be hung to kill mosquitoes. Easy to carry and hang. Can be used on the farm.

Using Tips:

  1. Please turn on the mosquito killer in the bedroom in advance (at least 3 hours), and do not turn it on until you sleep.
    2. The effect is better when used in an unmanned environment, because human body temperature and smell can attract mosquitoes and avoid affecting the use effect.
    3. This product uses a physical mosquito killer method, so the mosquito killer does not kill mosquitoes as soon as it is turned on.
    4. Check the mosquito storage box at least 24 hours later. We use physical mosquito killers. The mosquitoes die by air-drying and dehydration. Therefore, the process takes a certain amount of time. Do not open it frequently to avoid the escape of undead mosquitoes.
    5. Please use it continuously for more than 48 hours for the first use. Please close the doors and windows and draw the curtains during the day to ensure the use in a dark environment. Try to place it at a position about 1 meter above the ground. Do not use with lights/doors and windows open. Put it in the air outlet of the air conditioner or electric fan. Please turn off other lights when killing mosquitoes to ensure that the mosquito killer is the only light source.


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