Portable uv lamp profession electric mosquito killer lamp


  • Model Number: SK612-12w
  • Power Supply: AC 220v/240v
  • Output Voltage: 2100V
  • Light tube: T5 ( Fluorescent lamp)
  • Net Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Size: 26.5*8.5*24.5cm
  • Material: Aluminum + ABS
  • Coverage area: 50 square meters

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Zapper Lamp

  1. This product is suitable for the bedroom, living room, restaurant, bathroom, office and other places. 2. Environmentally friendly products, clean, non-toxic, tasteless, without adding any pesticides when used on humans and animals without any harmful factors.
  2. The mosquito lamps are energy saving, decorative, hypnotic effect, cool light design.
  3. The use of special tubes of special light wave to attract mosquitoes, flies and other insects into the mosquito killer, and then by the people and there was no danger of dc high voltage of the tag.
  4. Color soft, low consumption lighting, decorative light, can make indoor activities, such as sleep at night is convenient.
  5. Durable, can be long uninterrupted continuous use.(energy saving) of advanced circuit design, beautiful shape, energy saving, pollution free, safe and reliable.
  6. Long service life, power consumption small. Low consumption.
  7. Current limiting circuit design, low-power, high efficiency.
  8. Easy to operate, on 220 v/240 v power directly, is ready for use.


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