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The Buyers Guide to Fishing Bait Boats

Bait has always been an integral part of successful angling, and, with the popularity of the sport on the rise, bait boats are a surefire way of keeping ahead of the other anglers on the water. This translates directly to more catches, as the bait boats and technology around them really do allow you to distribute bait right to the fish. In this buyer’s guide, we will talk you through all the things to consider when shopping for a bait boat for fishing.

What Is a Bait Boat?

Bait boats provide a technologically advanced solution to the problem of accurate bait distribution and, from quiet estate lakes too much larger inland seas, the right bait boat can ensure you attain a higher catch rate than pretty much anything else out there. 

Why Do I Need a Bait Boat for Fishing?

Fishing bait boat

For the serious angler, the bait boat is becoming something of a must-have accessory. Angling is the biggest participation sport in the UK, so anglers are increasingly looking for ways to get ahead of the game. Bait boats aren’t used for baiting alone, they can also ensure that your hook bait is precisely positioned amongst your freebies – allowing you to target areas that you won’t be able to with traditional casting methods.

What Do you have to Look for in a Bait Boat?

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One of the first things to look at when you’re investing in a bait boat is the hopper. This is the area of the boat where you store the bait, so understandably it will play a bit part when you’re deciding between two like-for-like bait boats.We have bait boats that can hold up to 2Kg bait.

fishing bait boat

You will also be faced with the option of a single hopper or a double hopper. As you might expect, a single hopper allows for a single distribution of bait, dumping the whole lot in one area. This is perfect for the angler who wants to target a key area of a swim as it really helps to concentrate your boilie or groundbait mix – focussing the attentions of the fish and allowing you to really hone in on a specific target. A double hopper splits your bait in two. This allows you to distribute twice in a single trip, dropping half your bait in one area and the other half in another. This is ideal if you’re looking to get a spread of bait through the water or if you’ve got your eye on two different features that you’re looking to target. Most dual hoppers will also allow you to release the bait simultaneously, too, giving you a huge range of possibilities when it comes to baiting your swim. 


Battery Life

Whilst we’re on the subject, there is no denying that battery life is incredibly important when you’re considering buying a bait boat. Technology has come a very long way since the first days of bait boats and long gone is the need to recharge your boat after each runout. However, these are high-powered machines and, as such, you’ll struggle to find one that can survive more than a couple of hours of continuous use. Luckily, you’ll hardly ever (if not never) have to run your bait boat continuously for this amount of time, so this shouldn’t be an issue with any of the bait boats in our range. If you are someone who enjoys going on longer sessions and you know you’ll be re-baiting regularly, it might pay to invest in a bait boat with a longer run time. 




Fishing boat

Almost all of the bait boats in our range will be able to run further than the average caster and most will have a range up to 500m. If you are someone who is regularly casting on the edge of this, it might be an idea to plump for a bait boat that offers a slightly further range – giving you the peace of mind that you need to ensure that you won’t lose your expensive boat due to steering it out of range.

Some boat boats are fitted with devices which ensure that they turn around, should they ever lose signal from your controller, too. When you’re looking at the range of your bait boat you might also want to bear in mind some of the other features that the bait boat can offer. If you’re getting a bait boat with an in-built echo sounder or fish finder system, it might impact on the range that the boat can reach. This isn’t always the case, however, and most modern echo sounder systems can operate as far as the bait boat itself. 

Bear in mind that many bait boats are fitted with hook-release systems, too. These allow you to attach your hook to the outside of the bait boat, releasing it in tandem with your boat full of free offerings. If you are using the bait boat to drop your hook as well as your bait, it will serve you well to remember that you still need to be able to land any fish you hook! Takes at an extreme range, especially if you’re not used to them, can often result in lost fish. 




As many carp anglers will know, more often than not the best time to target the water is at dawn and dusk. This will leave you with the unfortunate scenario of baiting your swim darkness (or near to). Luckily, many of the bait boats in our range take this into account and are fitted with LEDs. Although these lights might not do a great job of guiding your way (you’ll have to rely on your head torch or another lighting solution for that), they do give a clear indication of the whereabouts in the water of your bait boat.

Most bait boats will have different coloured lights on the front and back, so you should always easily be able to tell which way your boat is facing. It is important to bear other anglers in mind when you’re using the lights on your bait boat, as some might find the bright lights annoying or distracting to the peace and tranquillity of the venue, so do only flick your lights on when you really need them. 


Can Bait Boat Increase Catch Rate?

In my view, the question at hand is quite similar to whether one can travel quicker with a car compared to walking. While some anglers are more sceptical about the use of modern technology in carp fishing, it is undeniable that bait boats, if utilised properly, can help you catch more. The real question that arises is: How does this happen?

casting bait with bait boat


  • More Stealthy:

Compared to traditional casting methods, a bait boat is more discreet, ensuring that you won’t scare off the fish.

  • Greater Accuracy:

Particularly at night or when repeatedly baiting the same spot, a bait boat can drop bait with perfect precision, especially if it’s a GPS bait boat.

  • Enhanced Accessibility:

A bait boat allows for easy access to places you wouldn’t dare cast. You can send the boat out to get under the overhang with minimal disturbance, or to a spot hundred yard away from the bank.

  • More Bait, More Fish:

A bait boat can cast a significantly larger amount of bait at one time, which can attract more carp. It is natural that more carp will be enticed with more bait.

  • Improved fishing efficiency:

A bait boat allows anglers to fish more effectively, making their lives easier. Simply fill up the hoppers to the brim, select the spots on a digital map, and if equipped with two hoppers, you could cast bait and rig in two different locations at one time.

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