Solar Panel Kit 100W 200W Energy, For Car Boat Home Roof Camping 12V24V Battery Charge


    • Type: Flexible solar panel
    • Size: 1050mm*540mm*2.5mm
    • Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
    • Capacity: 100w
    • Charging Battery – Voltage: 12V 24V
    • Max Solar Input: 48V (for24V battery) 24V (for 12V battery)
    • Equalization: 14.4V (Sealed) 14.2V (Gel) 16.6V (Flood)
    • Float Charge: 13.7V (default, adjustable)
    • Discharge stop: 10.7V (default, adjustable)
    • Discharge reconnect: 12.6V (default, adjustable)
    • Charge Reconnect: 13V
    • Operating Temperature -35 C + 60 C
    • NOTE: This item shipping from Spain, France, Poland – Delivery time 4-8 working days! 
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    This solar panel you can use everywhere  you want ,you can Charging 12-24V battery and plus you can connect Invertor and made 220 Voltage ,same like at home!


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