Kids Inflatable Swimming pool Dinosaur play


  • Brand: INTEX
  • Model: Dinosaur
  • Material: Eco-friendly PVC
  • Usage: Water Entertainment
  • Size Inflated: 249*191*109 cm
  • Weight: 10.5Kg
  • Max Load: 81Kg

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Kids Swimming Pool

This play centre is ideal for all dinosaur fans and kids who need a nice cool refreshment in summer. The little ones can slide over the volcano and feed the hungry dino with colourful balls (six balls included). A garden hose can be connected into the palm tree to create a fountain and a waterfall.

Instructions for Use:

  • Find a flat, level lawn surface that is free and clear of stones, branches or other sharp objects that may puncture the pool liner or cause injury. Certain types of grass such as St. Augustine and Bermuda, may grow through the liner. Grass growing through the liner it is not a manufacture defect.
  • Move the product (in its package) to the selected site before inflating – do not inflate the product and drag it since it may result in leaks or damage.
  • Do not over inflate the product. Fill the product with air until the surface is firm to the touch but not hard. If there is any straining at the seams, the product is over-inflated. If any seam begins to strain, immediately stop the inflation and release air to reduce the pressure until signs of stress on the seam are gone. Do not over-inflate or use high pressure air compressor since it may result in seam leaks.
  • Close and recess all inflation valve cap(s) securely by pushing down firmly on it.
  • Remove all hard, sharp and loose objects such as jewelries, watches, buckles, keys, shoes, hairpin, etc from users before entering the pool.


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