Fishing Rod Solid Carbon Fiber


  • Material: Carbon
  • Section: 3
  • Length: 4.2m
  • Hardness: Hard
  • Position: Lake, Ocean, Beach fishing
  • Casting weight: 100/200g

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Fishing Rod

Carbon Fishing rods are an exceptional alternative to fiberglass and composite rods.
They are at least as tough, if not tougher, and can give you all the fish-fighting power needed to land your next big catch. However, they are more rigid than the fiberglass/ composite rods but also lighter. The biggest benefit is that you can use them all day long without getting tired.

Their blank is more sensitive, so you can easily detect even the slightest nibbles from long distances. Also, you can hook your fish instantly.

If used properly, any good quality Carbon rod can give you a far superior fishing experience; however, if you don’t treat them with respect, and force them, because of their inherent lack of elasticity (especially those that are 100% graphite/carbon in intermediate or high modulus grade), they’ll snap on you and you can miss the fish of your lifetime. However, if you follow the following easy steps and take a minimum of precaution, you’ll be able to use your quality carbon rod for a long time.

  • TUBULAR TIP: Designed for longer range casting.
  • CONTINENTAL VALUE: A well-priced three-piece continental rod that packs a punch at a price everybody can afford. Ideally suited to fishing clean beaches when targeting bigger flatfish, bass, cod and rays.
  • MATERIALS: Made from lightweight carbon and fitted with KW SiC guides and a DPS reel seat with cushioned hood. Reflective white tip for bite indication at night. Metal collars on butt and mid-section for strength.
  • ERGONOMIC: An ergonomic grip is fitted for comfort when casting and matt sections on the butt and mid-section for easy take apart.
  • Designed to cast 100 to 200g.


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