Fishing Bite Alarm Swingers


    • With a reliable head, which is more easy to hold the line without abrasion to the fishing line.
    • 4 Color: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue.
    • Standard Design: Standard 2.5mm plug fit all type bite alarms.
    • Durable: The fishing swingers are made of plastic, and sinker are made of 100% stainless steel.
    • Each indicator is fitted with a 3oz Slider Weight.
    • The Set: 4pcs illuminated fishing swingers in a case.

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    Bite Alarm Swingers

    • Handy Carry Box: Keep your fishing bite alarms organized and protected with the included carry box. The compact and sturdy design ensures your fishing tackle remains in excellent condition while on the move
    • LED Indicators: Each bite alarms carp fishing is equipped with bright LED lights in the corresponding color (Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green) to provide visual alerts when a fish takes the bait. The LED lights are visible even in low-light conditions, ensuring you can fish day or night. fishing illuminated indicator set comes with 4 pcs, enough quantity for daily use.
    • Highly Sensitive Bite Alarms:Designed with advanced technology, these fishing bite alarms offer exceptional sensitivity to detect even the slightest fish movements. Never miss a bite again and increase your catch rate significantly.
    •  Material: Crafted from high-quality Metal and Plastic materials, these fishing bite alarms are built to withstand the rigors of fishing in various conditions. They are designed to be durable and reliable for long-lasting use.
    •  Easy to Use: Universal 2.5mm Plug, bite alarm hanger swinger adopts universal standard plug, which is fit for all kinds of bite alarms. fishing swinger with a reliable head, more easy to hold the line without the abrasion to the fishing line.


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