Safety Shoes breathable S1 SCR


  • Uppers: Mesh + PVC
  • Inside: Sandwich mesh
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Cap: EN12568 Steel Toe Cap
  • Mid-Sole: Kevlar Plate
  • Function: Anti-impact Anti-puncture Anti-static electrical insulation
  • Color: Black
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Safety shoes are crucial in everyday life. The design is made to ensure your safety while you’re running, skipping, or doing other activities that require you to be comfortable and secure. Safety shoes are also essential in keeping you safe from harmful substances like drugs and explosives. That’s why we developed Safety Shoes  to keep you feeling soundly grounded all day long. The breathable mesh upper covers your head and the rubber sole provides a durable and long lasting touch. This stylish and stylish safety shoes set you apart from the rest. So why not make yourself a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes with the Safety boots?

  • From walking to running, everyone has their own unique ways of being safe.
  • Some walk while others run.
  • Some stand while others sit. The best way to protect your feet from the sun and cold is with a pair of breathable shoes. These are shoes that keep your foot dry and warm at the same time. They do this by permeating moisture away from your skin which keeps you cool and comfortable even when you are wearing them for long periods of time.
  • This means that you do not have that annoying dry sensation associated with other breathable footwear options. You also have more control over how much moisture is able to pass through to keep you comfortable because these shoes don’t easily transition into or out of water as easily as other types of footwear do.
  • As a result, they offer more support than similar styles of safety boots and tend to be more comfortable overall which makes them great for runners, mountain climbers, hikers,and anyone who takes up a lot of active involvement in daily life such as workpeople, parents,and students…already shopping?
  • For Hiking trip you can get other style boots here.


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