Rechargeable Battery Liitokala 26650 5000mAh 3.7V


  • Brand Name: LiiitoKala
  • Model:  Lii-50A
  • Type:  Li-Ion 26650
    Nominal Capacity:  5000mah(4900-5000mah)
  • Nominal Voltage:  3.7V
  • Weight:  95g±1g
  • Rechargeable Battery:  Yes
  • Rechargeable Times:  Up to 500 times
  • internal resistance:  ≤20mΩ
  • Limited Charge Voltage:  4.2v
  • Working Voltage:  2.75-4.2V
    Size:  65.8mm x 26.8mm (Diameter)
  • 2,Pcs Battery Pack

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1. Don`t wait until the batteries runs out before charging. Lithium batteries are not the same as ordinary batteries. Charging the batteries before using them is not conducive to the health of the lithium battery. Depleting the battery may cause it to fail to recharge
2. Don`t put the lithium battery in a place with high temperature. The lithium battery prefers a place with a low temperature.
3. Summary of charging methods: short charging and short charging (infrequently charging, but if you want to rush!)
4. It is the time to charge when the power drops to 10% ~ 20%
5. Use high-quality dedicated  charger with protection function
6. In low-temperature weather, the use time of the lithium battery will be significantly shortened. This is normal, and it will be restored in about 1 hour in a warm place.
7. The capacity will vary depending of the discharge current.


Widely Applications:

  • Electric vehicle
  • Electric Bicycle
  • Tricycle
  • scooter
  • golf trolley
  • cart
  • wheelchairs
  • Medical instrument
  • Solar supply system, solar panel, energy storage, electric tools, power tools, instruments, LED lighting devices, RC toys, inverter, household appliances and emergent device area, etc.


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